Packaging Theft Solutions Which Work

Many e-commerce companies have revolutionized the way consumers are able to shop, and pretty much anything can be bought and delivered to you. But, there is one drawback that nobody is talking about, and that’s when your packages get stolen.

A lot of people run into this issue, and many people have experiences with this.  What are the best ways to prevent this though? Well, read on to find out.

Almost half of packages are stolen, which means that this can be something that can happen in a lot of cases, and most people spend about 200 a month on online orders.

With one single package containing up to hundreds of dollars of goods, many of these  “porch pirates” will see that box as an opportunity to steal it, and more than a third has been a victim, and of that, almost half have had to experience this at least twice.

Many people usually contact the seller immediately after, while only about 13% call the police.  Only about a tenth of them are caught, but most victims get a refund on this.

So, what’s the best way to prevent this? Well, you can install doorbell cameras for starters, since this will allow for people to monitor their home while they aren’t home. The price can be a lot, and this is something that might work.  Some people may also use a smart lock kit, which allows for the delivery personnel to leave the package in your home, but that’s a rarity, since most people don’t want to have the personnel in their home. But, most places aren’t doing enough to prevent this.

This is something that has become a growing problem, and while the thought of someone coming to your home to deliver packages may not sit well, but it’s gaining much more traction, since most people actually like that.

Most people have some type of worry about buying things online, due to the potential of it being stolen, and about 40% of people avoid getting expensive items online altogether, and most people do it if they’re willing to spend less to get it delivered.

Doorbell cameras are the best option, since they offer a peace of mind.

A lot of respondents have noticed that at least one of their orders was delivered during their holidays, with nearly half saying they were worried about their packages being stolen, and a lot of them avoid the expensive items. However most of the time, respondents won’t let potential thieves ruin the holiday spirit, and most shoppers will keep shopping in this way.  They do want to take precautions to avoid package theft, such as staying home when things are delivered, shopping at stores, in-store pickup, or even a signature for delivery, or having a friend or relative there to make sure people don’t’ steal it.

With all of this in mind, no matter what you choose, this is, unfortunately, something that we have to consider, especially if we’re going into a time when people do this.  This is much more common than you’d think, and using security features might be best to avoid the package theft for the holiday shopping season, and beyond that.  of course, whatever you choose, you’ll get a lot of better peace of mind if you have it like this, and you’ll feel much better if it’s set up like this too.